It's all about the misssion

Our mission is to be a community where authentic Christian transformation is realized in our being and purpose. We seek to accomplish this with every member encountering Christ and engaging others in Christ.









About our owner

About our owner

Nathan has served in ministry across Texas and New Mexico since 2007, as Discipleship, Interim and (most recently) Senior Pastor. He is passionate about identifying and entrusting local church leaders to teach the Word. Nathan's compassion for God's people is clear and is experienced by many as he consults for local and state associations. His love for the local church is felt by the pastors with whom he spends time, encouraging them in their faithfulness. Nathan has served on staff of both mega and rural churches. His wife describes him as an out-the-box thinker who is not afraid to fail forward and is eager to serve the LORD in every situation. Nathan is skilled in volunteer management, practices lifestyle evangelism, and has a very creative mind that is always looking to further the Kingdom. On February 28, 2015, Nathan and Amanda committed their lives to each other and later added to their family through the adoption of their two sons, Elliott and Kaydon.

We know ministry

We are not just experts in church communications; our staff is experienced in serving on staff at a local church. 

A Full team at your fingertips.

We are a great steward of your time and resources. We cost less than an employee, and you get a team of  trained staff at your fingertips.

  • Serve as church consultant for media needs for all ministries.
  • A Rep from Faithson Solutions may travel to Action Baptist Church up to once a year for the installation and training of multimedia equipment or software.
  • Develop, maintain, and update the church’s website no less than once a week.
  • Present three options within budget for the church to review when they need to purchase av/media equipment.
  • Provided as needed remote maintenance of the church security system.
  • Create engaging weekly Video Announcements
  • Deliver Print Ready Church Bulletin, to admin Thursday Morning before 9am CST.
  • Develop and implement social media marketing strategies that align with the mission and vision of Acton Baptist.
  • Prepare all media (presentation slides, video, lyrics, graphics) for Sunday morning services via Pro Presenter. 
  • With 3-5 Day Turnaround, design graphics for the promotion of church, special events, and other communication needs for website, social platforms, media sources, bulletin, blogs.
  • Manage $10,000 in AdWord Credits that promote Sunday Morning services and Special church events. 
  • Manage print communications for church regarding EDDM, Banners, Signage, etc.
  • Work with the ministry staff and office staff in planning as needed.
  • Meet deadlines so staff and ministers may publish information when needed.
  • Maintain and oversee computers and networking systems at any time troubleshooting needs arise.
  • A rep from Faithson may attend meetings as needed via Google Meet.
  • Consult with the Worship Advisory Council as requested.
  • Assist with other duties as assigned by the Church staff.
  • Faithson Solutions will work as a contractor of Action Baptist Church. Our team of Bi-Vocational pastors will serve the church remotely in their areas of strength. If for any reason ABC, is not satisfied with the performance of someone on our team, we can assign them to a different client.
  • Faithson works at will of Action Baptist Church and this verbal agreement may be terminated at any time by ether party with a notice of 30 days.  
  • Maintain complete confidentiality in all church and personnel issues. Failure to keep confidentiality will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.
  • Adheres to all church policies and procedures.

Febaury Objectives

  • Create a branding guide with fonts, hex codes and logo format options for each ministry area.
  • Apply for Grants with Canva and Google


  • Redesign Church Bulletin
  • Manifest a social Media Marketing Plan


  • Launch new website on Websites4Church platform
  • In Person vision casting with ministry staff

Name Your Price

Could you image hiring a minister of the gospel who, during the interview, demanded a certain pay? That would be crazy, right? We are the first business in our industry to offer "Pay What You Can" on all of our services, and that includes you hiring us as a  Remote Communications Director. We are looking forward to learning more about your church, but you probably already have a budget in mind. Our goal is to help you be great stewards of Kingdom resources, and we believe that we can save you money from hiring another full-time staff member. We believe our work will send new families to your church, save on current software expenses and, most importantly. grow the Kingdom of God. 

Remote staffer

Technology affords us the privilege to work remotely as your Communications Director. For about half the cost of a full-time Communications Director, we are able to meet the needs of a growing church and free up the budget and staff towards other important ministry tasks and needs. The church will save money on devices, office space, FICA, and other benefits. Plus you have a team of tech savvy people at your fingertips.

Company Profile

Faithson Solutions (meaning "Follower of Faith") started offering Devotionals in 2009. From there Faithson Solutions grew into a resource for the body of Christ. We desire to equip churches to better minister to their communities. Our company is based out of north Texas (Sherman). We love to give jobs to bi-vocational ministry staff around the world, empowering them to work remotely and better serve their congregations.  Our team is full of pastors, evangelists and spouses of those in the ministry. 

Use our Feedback tool in your website portal to highlight parts of your website that need to be updated and will will make those updates for you within three business days. When you hit "Submit" it will create a ticket for us to update your website for you.

Keep your site online and safe - whether you have one page or 1,000. View your domains and request new ones - hosted by Faithson Solutions and included in all of our plans.

Set up an easy-to-use blog for articles, Upcoming Events, news updates, or other content such as Bible Study Classes or Prayer requests

Create as many professional email addresses as you need for each domain you host with us.

Never be restricted by file size or total storage space for files you use on your website.

Make sure your website loads fast and works RESPONSIVELY across all devices. 

Easily inform your visitors about special dates, events, and more

 statistics for your website to see what, where, and how visitors are looking at your church website. 

Want us to make any changes? Just mark the appropriate place on your site with our "blue hyperlink highlighter" and we'll take care of your edits and updates within three business days. 

Never lose site updates with our automatic backups on GDPR-compliant infrastructure

Your account comes with a built-in subscription to Pixels, to get royalty free, high quality pictures for your website. 

Collect data and leads via an integrated custom form that will email you new leads automatically and store your clients data in your portal.

We are not limited by a template or a third party telling us - "we don't have that feature yet." Share your vision with us, and we will make it happen.  

Communicate exactly what you want to on search engines and index pages for easy use.

Add a simple and secure e-Commerce store and sell up to 10 products. Maybe you need to sale a bible study book for a mens class, or have online sign ups for their youth event. We can INTEGRATE with your church payment system or set up a new one for you. Thrid party payment fees may apply.

Our team will plan and organize your direct mailing campaigns. You will receive discounted postage on all mailers above 250 addresses through our printing department.   

No need to wait on hold with a third-party vendor or chat with support to fix the bug on the computer. We will be your hands-on IT experts. 

"ProPresenter had another update. How do we add lyrics into the software? Do you know where we can find more backgrounds? How do we create a giving report in Church Center?" We can help you with software concerns.

"The internet router needs to be updated. The phones are down. How can we save money on the alarm system?" We apply and receive grants for these hardware discounts.

Faithson will receive a donation in the amount of $10,000/month in AdWord Credits on your behalf and will plan and manage Google Ads that have been proven to generate several new families to the church weekly. 

Faithson will plan, design and post to social media channels such as Facebook. with the focus on personable and relevant online conversation starters. With the algorithms changing weekly, you need a professional team that not only generates great content but also communicates in a way to be seen by the audiences you need to reach.

The average industry printing mark up is 400%, and the demands to communicate with a growing church often mean going over your outreach budget. We are able to join you in the stewardship of your printed goods. You will enjoy a flat mark up of 50% on all projects, making your budget go further. 

"Who wants to be on hold with Planning Center for 5 hours? How do we upgrade our worship software? We are having a live-streaming issue with Church Online again." Let us know, and we will handle the matter just as any on-site staff member would.

Need help writing an email or blog or adding content to the church's website? Our team will put your vision to paper so that you can spend less time behind a computer and more time in the community with your people.

Your Graphic Design team

Unlimited Requests

We offer unlimited requests and revisions to make sure that you get exactly what you are dreaming up.

Fast Turn Around

Often we are able to send you back your design the same day, However, we promise to send you a new graphic in 3-5 business days.


Keep your requests coming. We will add them to a project management software called Trello.

Recent  Designs

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